A River Returns to Life

Thompson's pool, Pawcatuck river. Photo by Brian O'connor.

Thompson’s pool, Pawcatuck river. Photo by Brian O’connor.

By Brian O’connor

I paddled up the Pawcatuck last evening to see what I could see. I instantly spied the small sulpher mayflies I had seen for the first time earlier in the week.
Outnumbering the sulphers was a strong hatch of White Flies, clouds of mating caddis, and fog like masses of midges. A veritable insect smorgasboard. Recently stocked trout were rising but I decided to paddle on upstream to see how far up they had moved and if I could find any fish left over from the earlier spring stocking. I found risers for the first mile and then turned downstream to try my luck. While a bit cool, at least there were no mosquitos. I caught a few rainbows and a large Brown on a size 10 white emerger before angry beaver tail slapped me away. Back to the truck by 8 PM. I have done a good bit of destination angling but nothing beats one’s home river. Watching this river return to life has been one of the most thrilling experiences of my adult life.

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