Book Review - The Quest for the Golden Trout

Warren Winders of Sea-Run Brook Trout Coalition reviews the book The Quest for the Golden Trout

“…if Doug Thompson were just another environmentalist crackpot from the far out fringe of the movement, I would dismiss his core contention that […]

Fisherman Often Act as Unrecognized Front-Line Scientists

“Stocking non-native fish on top of native fish does nothing to restore native trout to a healthy environment; instead, it is a backwards and self-defeating activity.”

Chris Woods, President of Trout Unlimited

Read a recent article in the Narragansett Times describing PRIBT effort to protect wild brook trout in the upper […]

Brook Trout Under Pressure from Climate Change

Results from a 15-year study of factors affecting population levels of Eastern brook trout in the face of climate change show that high summer air temperatures have a large influence, in particular on the smallest fry and eggs, which are most important to wild trout abundance in streams.

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Stocking Brown Trout is Harmful to Brook Trout

Article in Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Magazine

“Studies have shown that putting stocked brown trout into a river in late winter or spring results in the trout fry that have just hatched and … that will hatch being gobbled up.”



A River Returns to Life

Thompson’s pool, Pawcatuck river. Photo by Brian O’connor.

By Brian O’connor

I paddled up the Pawcatuck last evening to see what I could see. I instantly spied the small sulpher mayflies I had seen for the first time earlier in the week. Outnumbering […]

Trout are Key to Endangered Mussel’s Survival

The eastern pearlshell is endangered in Rhode Island. Should the state do more to protect the native brook trout, and the endangered species of freshwater mussel? Four years ago Pennsyslvania created a plan for the conservation and recovery of this species.

Targeted habitat restoration activities for trout also create habitat for this endangered mussel. The […]

Let the Wood River Heal Itself

By Brian O’connor

Hexegenia limbata/Giant Yellow Mayfly – Photo by Paul Pezza

I live in close proximity to the Pawcatuck and have been paddling on it for about 40 years. Initially, it was receiving a nightly dose of industrial waste from three facilities. Two are now closed and the third […]

Healing Troubled Waters

Preparing Trout and Salmon Habitat for a Changing Climate

“Unless immediate action is taken to restore habitats and increase populations, it is likely that trout and salmon will be eliminated from large areas.”

“Non-native species and hatchery fish can limit native fish populations and increase their vulnerability to climate change. Non-native […]

Masquerade Party

On 4/27/14 the RI/MA Area TU Council met in Worcester, MA. The leadership of TU225 attended for the purpose of presenting the report of their “Habitat Assessment Group” and to justify, thereby, their continuing participation in the stocking of the upper Wood River in RI. Consistent with TU National, the council dismissed the arguments presented […]

Something to consider.

I do believe, though, that those who promote the conservation and restoration of native species should do so with a good understanding of history and a concomitant sense of humility. […]