Review: “An Entirely Synthetic Fish”

MidCurrent Fly Fishing Books

by Samuel Snyder

MANY FLY FISHERS cut their teeth on rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Therefore, to read a new history of that fish is both intriguing and unnerving, particularly when the author calls those fish “entirely synthetic.” But Anders Halverson’s An Entirely Synthetic Fish: How Rainbow Trout Beguiled […]

In Praise of Wild Trout: On the Pleasure, Biology, and Preservation of Wild Trout

Snowbound in 2014? Consider reading In Praise of Wild Trout: On the Pleasure, Biology, and Preservation of Wild Trout. This slim volume, edited by Nick Lyons, consists of ten essays contributed by a roster of highly talented writers.

In The New Year

RIDEM describes itself as “very much focused on promoting sustainability and stewardship … for our environment, including animals” (ProvJourn 5/19/02). This stewardship includes, as it must, “cold-water fish and habitat” and quite specifically extends to “identifying and protecting cold-water fisheries.” DEM goes so far as to state that even “if no trout were found but […]

The River Sleeps But We Do Not

This morning Protect RI Brook Trout met with Principal Fisheries Biologist/RIDEM, Alan Libby, to review his recently published findings on the status of wild brookies in RI. Mr. Libby had previously provided us with the raw data he has collected over some 20 years time. This proved to be just the starting point for wide-ranging […]

Char of the Springs

Salvelinus fontinalis=trout or char “of the springs”. Brookies can spawn in the moving water of a stream and in stillwaters that are spring fed. This photo is of a “redd” or nest carved out of bottom gravel in a small Rhode Island pond. Adult fish were nearby so it’s not clear if the eggs have […]

Ancestral Beauty

“The beauty is such that it feels as if we are breathing a thing other than air: something different, something cleaner and better—a thing rich with joy—and I wonder if this is how breathing felt for our ancestors.” Rick Bass

Sustainability in Action

“A wild trout in its native habitat is a compact example of the Earth working well, of the deep ecology of things taking its course, of sustainability in action.” Christopher Camuto, Trout Summer 2009