A Species in Greatest Need of Conservation


STATUS CHANGE: The brook trout is now listed by the State of Rhode Island as a species in “Greatest Conservation Need ” (GCN), this as a prelude to the issuance of a revised State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP) for 2015. The decennial SWAP is required by the US Fish & Wildlife Service […]

Measurement Error


A WORD ABOUT… Measurement error as a threat to the validity of the conclusions one may want to draw. This type of error can be attributed to the methodologies we use to collect data and, more specifically, to the inherent limitations of the measuring device and/or the […]


Very well written and enjoyable post on the Rage Against the Dams Blog.

We’re here, the cormorant and I, for the same reason. We’re looking for trout. To be more precise, we’re waiting for trout. The hatchery truck hasn’t arrived yet, but we remember that at this time last […]


PRIBT has developed a BROOK TROUT PROPOSAL for the establishment of an experimental Wild Brook Trout Management Area in Rhode Island. This action is consistent with the principles of Trout Unlimited and has been recognized as such. Our proposal was presented to the RIDEM during the department’s annual regulations hearing held […]

Born in the Wild



This born-in-the-wild specimen was observed yesterday … no joke.


Winter Survival

The first stocking occurs in mid March at a level far exceeding the limited carrying capacity of the river. These stocked fish are of a size which the river is unable to naturally produce. Is it not probable that the starving stockers eat large quantities of brook trout fry and everything else that they can find? […]


Here, in a stream less than three feet wide and rarely a foot deep, 3-4″ brook trout were observed over the week-end. These fish were seen at a point only 150 yards above salt water in Rhode Island’s “South County”. It seems reasonable to assume that before marginalization brook trout could […]

Troubled waters for Maine’s wild brook trout

Illegal introductions of non-native species such as smallmouth bass are threatening Maine’s wild brook trout according to a recent article in the Maine Sunday Telegram.

illegal stocking of invasive species has been confirmed in at least 64 state water bodies in the past six years, and has likely occurred in 33 others, […]

Stocker Survival

STOCKER SURVIVAL: That stream-bred brown trout are occasionally caught in the upper Wood River watershed indicates that at least some stockers live long enough to spawn in the Fall. Sampling done in other states verifies stocker survival. Maine has documented that stocked brook trout can survive more than two […]

First Day of Spring

This first day of Spring has PRIBT working diligently on preparation of our action plan to safeguard some of what is left of our native brook trout populations. Our ideas will be presented early next month at one of RIDEM’s fisheries regulation workshops. Stay tuned!