Masquerade Party

On 4/27/14 the RI/MA Area TU Council met in Worcester, MA. The leadership of TU225 attended for the purpose of presenting the report of their “Habitat Assessment Group” and to justify, thereby, their continuing participation in the stocking of the upper Wood River in RI. Consistent with TU National, the council dismissed the arguments presented and asked TU225 to comply with the applicable policy of TU National. Chapter 225 responded with an “OK” and it was then said that the float stocking boxes would be donated to another entity. Although not named as such, that entity is likely to be the Wood River Fishing Club (WRFC), a group comprised largely of the TU225 hierarchy. This will mean that the same individuals who have conducted the float stocking in past will, masquerading as WRFC members, continue to do so. This response had long been anticipated. In chapter meetings the circumvention of TU policy had been openly discussed, one member even proposing that if it came to this, chapter funds might be provided for participant insurance coverage. In prospect, we now have a situation wherein TU chapter resources in the form of the boxes and, possibly, insurance coverage will be utilized in the violation of a TU policy.

Also in attendance at the council meeting were two representatives of PRIBT, invited to present our proposal for a wild trout management area in RI. The proposal was well received by council members. The contingent of TU225 present declined, however, to support the proposal. This is consistent with their silence when the proposal was presented at the recent RIDEM workshop. Insofar as our proposal recommends no stocking of the upper Wood River, TU225’s failure to get on board with this betrays their intent to continue being part of the problem set confronting wild brook trout in RI by aiding in the stocking of hatchery fish over wild ones.HE

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