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essay3This is the second to last paragraph in “The Entirely Synthetic Fish” by Anders Halverson. “I do believe, though, that those who promote the conservation and restoration of native species should do so with a good understanding of history and a concomitant sense of humility. People have been part of this world for a long time. There’s no going back to the way it was, even if it were possible to define it. Reading through the letters and pronouncements of the men who were most responsible for spreading nonnative species like rainbow trout throughout the world in the nineteenth century, I have been struck by the similarity of the rhetoric to those who promote native species restoration today. They, too, were sure they were doing the right thing for the world”. Understand that Halverson is not taking the position that advocating for native species is wrong. I just completed this book for the second time. The first reading was during an overnighter with little time for reflection. I’m sorry I missed the importance of this paragraph the first time through. This paragraph is also the main topic of the foreword by Patrick N. Limerick. As others have already said, this excellent book is a must read for anyone interested in joining the current fray.
Brian O’connor

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  • brian o'connor

    The forward was written by Patricia N. Limerick, not Patrick. There once was a lady named Idie, who sat down amungst poison ivy. You complete it!

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