Troubled waters for Maine’s wild brook trout

Illegal introductions of non-native species such as smallmouth bass are threatening Maine’s wild brook trout according to a recent article in the Maine Sunday Telegram.

illegal stocking of invasive species has been confirmed in at least 64 state water bodies in the past six years, and has likely occurred in 33 others, although these are unconfirmed, Gallagher said.

… In northern Maine, smallmouth bass were introduced into the Upper St. John River years ago but spread through the watershed. Today, muskellunge have joined the bass in the river and both species are moving toward Fish River Falls in northern Aroostook County, where they present a real danger to the Fish River drainage, which is home to a world of wild trout habitat.

“I’m afraid if nothing is done at Fish River Falls we’re looking at major losses for wild brook trout,” said Frost in Ashland. “If they got up, they’d impact at Soldiers Pond, Wallgrass and Eagle lakes and Square Lake. It’s frustrating for us in the field. It’s really discouraging. It is the single biggest overriding issue over everything else in my mind.”



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